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I Live for Friendly Fixie Friday

by on December 2, 2011

This Ride: 28.5 miles
Month: 50 miles
2011: 7,119.5 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13239.2 miles

The frost was thick this morning. Various thermometers read between 26° & 32° making it the coldest morning this fall.  Eight of us were out, five for breakfast, four to Hard Bean.  We missed Myna this morning.  I attempted a video with my new ContourGPS camera on part of the ride into Annapolis, then set it for still photos some of the way back.  Some photos are below.  I’ll post a link to the video if I get it to work.

Clint called during breakfast from out of town all excited because while at Ft. Bragg he got to shoot automatic weapons.  He tried to send photos, but they never arrived. Dan, Bryan, and Mike C are all riding a 200k tomorrow, so the discussion around breakfast was all about preparations for that ride.  At least 10 SPP riders are doing this permanent (new to us) and so it should be a good ride.

While waiting for Mike B at Chick & Ruth’s, a woman bundled up in a thick winter coat commented about how cold it must be to ride a bike in this weather.  It really isn’t … as long as you look like Bryan below.

Originally, I planned to ride back with Mike B and accompany him to the airport, but I had nothing this morning in my legs, and my average heart rate of 140 and average speed of 15.2 mph shows it.  That’s a great indicator of fatigue.  I still accompanied him to my bail off point to go home.

Bryan as we are leaving the Hard Bean

George (crossing guard on left) watches out for us

I love riding up bricked Main Street in the early morning

State Government Buildings on the way off Church Circle

We get our own lane on the Naval Academy Bridge

Reaching the peak of the bridge is always a moment of glory.

The Baltimore Annapolis Trail

The most dangerous intersection on the trail ... and the wettest.

Loving the early morning light and long shadows of sunrise!

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  1. I really like that long shadow, makes me look skinny!!

    • ponderingpastor permalink

      Unfortunately the video didn’t work. I’m still troubleshooting this camera.

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