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Good Samaritans in the Fog

by on December 5, 2011

This Ride: 22.1 miles
Month: 72.1 miles
2011: 7,141.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13261.3 miles

The fog this morning was dense.  Sometimes visibility could be measured in yards.  As we met at the Rusty Bridge, we noticed some people were coming rather late.  When Clint arrived, he told us about an accident at the roundabout at Jumper’s Hole & East West Highway where a young woman had missed the roundabout and simply gone straight into the circle.  We went back to see if we could provide assistance.  We freed her car from the planting area, and waited with her until her parents arrived.  The wheel was damaged, and possible suspension damage suggested the best move was a tow truck.  We proceeded on our way, although Mike C turned back because the fog was thick and collecting on his glasses so much that it was hard to see.

We took the pace easy.  Visibility was actually better up front.  With other rider’s tail lights flashing it was harder to see.  The six riders set out at a very conversational pace, with most of the ride being two by two deep in conversation.  I barely noticed the miles slipping by.

I’m amazed at the ease with which my pedals turn now that I have a new bottom bracket.  It is noticeable!  I received word on Friday that I need new wheels.  The rear hub could not be overhauled.  If the bike feels this smooth with a new bottom bracket, I wonder how much better it will feel with new wheels.

It was the same routine route this morning, so rather than posting the graphic, the link to the Garmin data is provided.

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