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Catching up … again.

by on December 12, 2011

Last Friday, on Friendly, Fixie, Friday we had a chilly good ride into Annapolis.  I shot some video and I’ve been working on getting the videos edited and uploaded to a YouTube channel (in the little spare time I have).  Watch for more of that feature in the future.

This Ride: 33.3 miles
Month: 149.1 miles
2011: 7,218.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13338.3 miles

When we blew into the Hard Bean, we were glad for the warmth of the room and the warmth from Myna also. We all ordered our coffee and breakfast, and in no time 4 slices of pecan pie appeared. It was very tasty. I decided to ride back with Mike B, and once we got on the trail his front fender failed. It had to be removed and he shortened his trip, so I simply rode up to Baltimore Washington Hospital and picked up the car. It was a nice morning on the fixie.

Mosey Monday

This Ride: 21.3 miles
Month: 170.4 miles
2011: 7,239.9 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13359.6 miles

It’s winter!  We’ve not had snow yet, but when it is 23° F as we start the ride … it’s winter.  We had 8 brave souls out this morning.  I dipped deeper into my bag of winter clothing pulling out the wind resistant tights, the wind resistant balaclava and the ski gloves.  I rode the fixie and completely enjoyed the ride.  We had some patches of ice to watch out for.  It has been quite some time that we’ve had to call out and warn one another about ice.  In fact, as I review my records, this was one of only 4 rides all year at this temperature or colder.  I guess it was chilly.

(Lousy reports … but now I’m not behind.)

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