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Another Chilly Morning

by on December 13, 2011

This Ride: 22.9 miles
Month: 193.3 miles
2011: 7,262.8 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13382.5 miles

It wasn’t as cold as yesterday morning … but 26° F still means ice where water flows across the trail/road and in the dark we watch for those spots.  Eight riders out once again.  Clint made the observation that of the 8, only one of us was “on the fence” yet about riding the Flèche in April.  Bill C. wants to, but he is still trying to determine if life off the bike will cooperate for him to spend 24 hours on the bike.

We got a chance to hear about Chip’s adventures on the Woodbine Wallop ride last Saturday.  It was the ride that completed an R-48, 48 consecutive months of riding recognized 200k (or more) rides.  In SPP, he sets the bar.  The next closest rider has an R-36, a whole year less.

We had our share of excitement this morning.  Both Bryan and Chip had lighting issues, so their headlights stopped functioning half way through the ride.  They tucked in close behind others with lights and negotiated the route fine.  Vehicle drivers were not as attentive or courteous this morning either.  That seemed the theme for the morning, and it culminated in an encounter near the end of the trail.  At Robinson Road I made a bad decision  about the speed of an oncoming vehicle (and with the fixie it is harder to stop short), so I proceeded through the intersection.  I believe everyone else stopped.  The vehicle was coming faster than anticipated, he had to slow, and proceeded to yell at us that there was a stop sign.  Someone yelled back that there also was a crosswalk.  I slowed and waited on the other side for the resolution of the matter and later thanked the group for defending my honor, even though I was in the wrong.

All in all, it was a nice morning to be out.

My day is proving to be interesting.  I have a meeting in Frederick that I’ll miss.  My car won’t start.  My jumper battery is dead too.  I have plenty of work to do without going to the meeting, so it’s just a change in plans.

I’m also expecting my new bike wheels to be delivered today.

Garmin Data for the Ride

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