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Warming Trend – New Wheels – Clean Bike

by on December 15, 2011

A pastor’s life in the ramp up to Christmas is crazy.  Just keeping up with the log of my rides reaches that tipping point where it just doesn’t fit anymore.  So, while waiting for an appointment to show up, I’ll catch up a bit.


Ten … that’s right, ten riders were out Wednesday morning in 34° F temps for a great ride.  We split on Old County Road again, the faster riders just couldn’t hold back and we slower riders were content to keep conversation going.  I rode the Kona, expecting that the next ride would be on new wheels and I wanted to get a feel for the difference those new wheels would make.  It was simply a good ride.  The sunrise at the end of the ride was spectacular.

The new wheels arrived Tuesday and I took them to the Bike Doctor for a new cassette and new tubes and tires.  Then, before installing them on the bike, I cleaned the bike and chain and checked the brake pads.  I made a slight adjustment to one of the brake pads, and all was good.


Eight riders were out in 44° F!  Forty-four!  Most of us overdressed, especially as we reconnected with the southern end of the trail and picked up the pace dramatically.  I know I saw 28 mph on the Garmin and I logged my fastest time on the private route I established in Strava.  I don’t expect to be setting records in December!  The new wheels worked well.  They do have a little noise to them as they are settling in.  I’ll let them rest tomorrow as I log some miles on the fixie again.

These Rides: 42.8 miles
Month: 236.1 miles
2011: 7,305.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 13425.3 miles

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