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Stretching it out on Friday

by on March 2, 2012

This Ride: 40.6 miles
Month: 60.6 miles
2012: 355 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 14189.7 miles

What a difference a day makes. Today was 20° colder than yesterday morning.

What a difference a week makes.  Stretching the distance for me last week was 28 miles.  Like last week, I had to stop early to get to Physical Therapy and put in 40 miles.  The leg muscles are responding quicker to a fitness level than the cardiovascular system, but at least I’m seeing progress.  The foot has been painful the past couple of days, but a little magic from the physical therapist and some tape, and that problem is resolved for now.

This morning’s breakfast ride was a ride where it is nearly impossible to tell how many of us were riding.  It changed every few minutes.  I think 5 of us started at the rusty bridge, we picked up two at the Ranger Station, added one on Jennngs, added one on the trail, chased down another on the trail, two split off on Old County Road, lost four before trail’s end, lost one before the Naval Academy Bridge, leaving only three together into Annapolis where we saw one and ate with another.  Did you catch all that?

Bryan flatted on the trail, and changed his tube while the rest of us harassed him.  (At least we asked him first if he wanted help or harassment.  He said, harassment.)  A mile later, Bryan flatted again.  Three other riders stayed with him for repaair #2.  Later, Ravi’s left shifter broke, and he returned home with his tail between his legs since he did not believe he could negotiate the Naval Academy Bridge with his limited gearing.

When we arrived in Annapolis and met up with Dan, we teased him that it was our Flèche team that remained intact this morning.  It was his team that was having problems and had to abandon the ride.  After a good breakfast, we mounted up and rode back to Severna Park.  I extended it a bit after dropping Mike C off at the bridge.  I didn’t push it.  I’m mindful of simply getting the miles in to strengthen the legs.  As long as I manage my heart rate, that will come too.

We are now about 6 weeks away from the Flèche.  It occupies my mind quite a bit as the date approaches.  I’m pulling together my training plan for these remaining 6 weeks.

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