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Clawing my way back

by on March 6, 2012

(Two days worth of updates)

This has been a busy couple of days.

Sunday, I mapped out my tentative riding schedule to prepare for the Flèche in April.  It is designed to help me claw my way back into sufficient fitness so that the Flèche is neither an embarrassment nor a failure.

Monday, I rode about 22 miles with four others on the regular 5:45 am route.  We are enjoying the daylight this week, because with Daylight Saving Time scheduled to begin on Sunday morning, we will once again be riding in darkness for the whole route.  It is nice to finish after the sunrise.  I stretched it out a little on Monday, choosing to begin some hill work even before the Dr. formally released me to full activity.  There was only a small twinge of pain, even standing in the pedals.  Working these hills will be critical to my improving fitness levels.  Later in the morning, I went to Physical Therapy and worked hard.  I was shown how to tape my foot to reduce the pain I’m experiencing.  Then, after a short break, off to the podiatrist.  Recovery is going well.  She made an adjustment in the orthotic to relieve some pressure on the ball of my repaired foot (the source of some of the pain).  I’m now released to full activity, including running if I so desire.  My excuses can no longer be physician restrictions.

Today I rode about 20 miles, something short of my goal.  We were again 5 riders and the temperatures were such that no one really wanted to press it hard.  I had little enthusiasm for the ride either, and so chose to bail close to home rather than the extra couple of miles I often do at the end of the ride.  We’ve been honked at twice both these mornings.  It is hard to tell what it means.  A driver in a silver Volvo station wagon we meet on B&A lays on the horn for a long honk.  The second honker today was Mike B, who tapped out “Shave and a Haircut” in greeting.  We tried to get him to buy us a coffee at Big Bean, but he was content to simply make excuses for his commute to work via 4 wheels.

So, I’ve been out.  It just wasn’t much fun at 25° F this morning.  I’m starting to really look forward to spring.

These Rides: 41.7 miles
Month: 102.3 miles
2012: 396.7 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 14231.4 miles

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