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After the Rain on Wooden Legs

by on March 13, 2012

The rain moved through about 3:00 am.  By 5:30 the streets were starting to dry and the temperatures confounded the weather wonks.  The forecast was for anything between 40 and 52° F.  It was 60.  A quick consult of the clothing chart revealed short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, short fingered gloves, regular cycling shoes, and nothing on my head or ears other than the helmet.  If anything, I was just a little warm.

Six of us were out.  Four of us were fast.  I wasn’t.  Jeff wasn’t as fast as usual.  Dan was slow for him … still faster than me.  But it was a beautiful morning to be out on a bike.  On the return leg, I think someone replaced my strong rippling muscled legs with some wooden ones, because there wasn’t much of anything left.  I abandoned the last 3 mile loop for a hot shower.

I did notice something that has been missing for a while now.  My face had crusted salt from sweat on it at the end of the ride.  It has been a while.

The peepers were in full voice, attempting to imitate Barry White.  Bunnies were out, daring us to catch them.  I had a mouse dash across the trail in one long steady run, making it safely across.  A box turtle created a daring obstacle.  On B & A Blvd we had only two vehicles pass us … which was really nice.  It is sad to think that so many missed such a great morning to ride.

This Ride: 22.1 miles
Month: 256.2 miles
2012: 531.6 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 14,385.2 miles


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