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Life has gotten really busy

by on March 19, 2012

Has it really been 6 days since I last posted?  It hasn’t been six days since I last rode!

Wednesday, March 14th: I expected a quick ride today, and got it.  24 miles at an average speed of 17.4 mph, and I was off the back the whole way.  The other guys were speedier!

Thursday, March 15th (the Ides of March): A 25.5 mile ride at a reasonable pace, 16.5 mph avg.

Friday, March 16th: I hoped for a century ride, but timing conspired against me.  I got in 65 miles on the Kona, including breakfast in Annapolis (and cake and ice cream for breakfast again).  The ride felt good, even though I had some skin irritation where my leg brushed against the saddle.  I’ll have to check to see if the saddle has slipped.  This was faster than the week before on the fixie.

Monday, March 19th: We had a good group out and I rode the fixie today.  It was an easy pace, and I accumulated around 25 miles.  Two accomplishments of note: (1) I rode up Asquithview on the fixie. (2) The ride was almost identical in length to the Monday a week earlier.  I rode it today faster, included Asquithview, and had an average heart rate significantly below that of a week ago.  Could it actually be that my cardiovascular system is seeing the benefits of all the work?  I hope so.

Month: 396.4 miles
2012: 671.9 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 14,525.5 miles

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