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A Record Setting Day!

by on March 23, 2012

When we did a head count at breakfast this morning, Friendly Fixie Friday had brought 10 riders to Annapolis.  We were a loud and rapidly moving bunch, consuming coffee, breakfast sandwiches and fruit torte cheesecake with narry a crumb left.  I had extra cheesecake because I planned a longer ride on the fixie this morning.  You might recall that yesterday I was uncertain about which beast to saddle up and ride today.  It all came down to efficiency.  If I rode the fixie, I could shorten the ride and still get the equivalent of 125 miles in.  I was looking for 80-90 miles, but Mike B urged me on to consider breaking the century mark on the fixie.

I accompanied Mike to the airport where he broke off to ride to work, which left me with some 65 miles of solo riding if I were to accomplish the century.  (My previous longest distance was just over 70 miles.)  The temperature was climbing, the sun came out and burned off the fog, and soon I was doing calculations about how to get the distance in.  I took a detour to Elkridge, using the gentle hill rather than the 10% grade.  I’m pleased to say that no rider passed me on the airport loop, but I passed a lot of other riders.  I wonder if they noticed the fixie.  I made my way to Sandy Point where the Bay Bridge was still shrouded in fog and sun bathers were out on the beach.  I looped and twisted and turned until by the time I got home I had 101 miles.  I’m feeling good, strong, and could do more miles, but there are chores to accomplish at home.

I’m still astonished at the speed the  fitness is returning.  Two weeks ago I rode 60 miles on the fixie, averaging 15 mph and average heart rate of 138.  I had to take a nap following the ride.  Last week I rode the Kona 65 miles, averaging 15.5 mph with an average heart rate of 135.  Today I rode 101 miles on the fixie averaging 16.4 mph and average heart rate of 139.

Bring on the Flèche!

This Ride: 101 miles
Month: 548.4 miles
2012: 823.9 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 14,677.5 miles

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