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Near-Perfect Monday

by on March 26, 2012

If every work week started like this, I would never complain about Mondays.

The ride this morning was simply fabulous.  We had 10 riders out.  (I rode the “missing man formation” because one friend had planned to ride with us and he bailed at 4:30 am.  Why do people text me at 4:30 am?  That’s twice in a week!)  Our pace was a true Mosey Monday pace, quick enough that we we ride comfortably, and slow enough that conversation never has to stop.  I rode the fixie, as did two others.

I love the fact that on the one significant downhill that we have it was all fixies in the front.  Those who coast down the hill just don’t keep up.  Of course, the story was much different climbing the hill in Round Bay.  That was 5-6 mph.

The sunrise is clawing its way back from Daylight Saving Time and it is getting light near the end of the ride.

Too soon the ride was over.  It would have been great to continue for another hour.

This Ride: 22.3 miles
Month: 570.7 miles
2012: 846.1 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 14,699.8 miles

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