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T-Minus 19 Days

by on March 26, 2012

Our Flèche Coordinating Meeting happened last evening.  Although it might have seemed like it was an excuse to have a beer together, it turned out much more than that.  The SPP Team Captains, our emergency responder, and two other riders met and we accomplished a great deal.

  1. Although we had planned to coordinate bag drops, Chip encouraged us to rethink that.  Ultimately we agreed that in the spirit of Randonneuring, we would all carry the items we needed, and have no bag drop at a control.
  2. Cue sheets were shared with Chris, our emergency responder.  He is looking forward to the opportunity to chase us across Pennsylvania and Maryland, some reading time for his class, and watching us deteriorate from spry to exhausted cyclists.
  3. Transportation issues were resolved.  With a finish line different than the start, we have to pre-drop vehicles and grab our rider who lives in Virginia.
  4. Strategies were discussed.  Stories of near disaster were told.  Each previous Flèche ridden by SPP members has been memorable and epic in its own right.  This year we are hoping for something far less than epic.
  5. A little tension remains around the 22 hour control.  We’ve got a few days to work out those details.
  6. A planned social for most of the local riders and spouses is planned.  I simply need to grab the venue.

The next steps for the riders:

  1. Make sure the bikes are ready
  2. Keep riding those base miles
  3. Make lists and collect the necessary items.  Clothing decisions have to wait, but almost everything else is fair game.
  4. Testing equipment. (I’ve ordered and installed a camera mount on the bike.  I’ll be testing it out in coming days.  Finding the real estate on the bike to mount it was quite a challenge.  I’ll also be testing my battery back up for the Garmin.)

All this planning is a sign of excitement and enthusiasm for this event.

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