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New Goal and New Records

by on June 14, 2012

Yes, I rode yesterday.  It was a slow easy ride with Bryan and Clint who were out for the first time since the 600k.  Once again it was nice to ride a relaxed pace and talk through all sorts of topics.

Throughout the day yesterday, I also worked to keep track of RAAM.  Crewing for a solo rider was one of the highlights of 2011.  I’m absolutely amazed at the pace of the younger riders.  This morning, the leader has averaged over 22 mph for the 300 miles he has traveled.  Remember, when he stops, the clock keeps running.  I quote my speeds in bike moving time and I’m proud of what I can accomplish.  Those speeds will come down as soon as a sleep break happens, but don’t count on that until sometime well into day 2.

All of that got me thinking.  I’m pretty sure I’ll not be doing RAAM solo anytime, but there is a RAAM-related goal that might be achievable.  I started exploring it and I’m ready to commit to the goal.  It is a big one.

By age 60 I intend to qualify for solo RAAM.

There are several possible paths to this goal.  One is a 24 hour race in which at least 400 miles are covered.  Others include supported rides of over 350 miles and an average speed above 10.5 mph or the ride’s cutoff.  Riding in a 2 or 4 person RAAM team or riding the Pro PAC Elite Tour are other alternatives.  In any case, I have to get faster, lighter, and have more endurance to accomplish this goal.  Then, once I get the invitation to race RAAM solo, I’ll politely decline.

That was on my mind this morning as I hit the road for the regular morning ride.  I wasn’t very fast on my way to the meet-up, averaging only 16.2 mph for the first 5 miles.  I had conflicting goals.  I had the opportunity to ride a little extra distance because of a flexible schedule, but I also thought I might ride fast this morning.  As it was, I chose fast.

The speed didn’t pick up until Jennings Road.  I played with Scott as we moved along.  He was in front moving quickly, and I pulled up along side of him and passed him holding about a bike length ahead of him.  Every time he increased his speed, I matched it to stay just ahead of him, until we got to the “S” turns, then I dropped back and became part of the group moving down the trail pretty fast.  By now, we had split the group.  Crossing Robinson Road was tricky because of vehicular traffic, but we regrouped and continued a fast pace.  Bryan and I remained on Old County Road while four others peeled off for the loop through Round Bay.  I tucked in behind Bryan and stayed there to the end of the trail, encouraging him when he lagged, and coached him on the speed we needed to maintain to remain in front through the end.  None of the other riders were in sight when we hit the turn around, and rather than waiting, we pressed on.  We were caught at Glen Oban.

At that point, a decision had to be made.  I decided to stay with the group as we flew down B&A Blvd.  We had a pretty quick paceline going, and everyone was taking a turn at the front.  Dave commented on how much faster I had become, and wondered if I had been doping since my surgery.  Just before McKinsey Road, I was spent.  By the time we were back on the trail, I had caught my breath and was able to hang with the group pretty well.  I noticed my average speed was pretty good, so I kept up the pace on the way home as best as I could, and decided I was ready for the barn rather than one three mile lap before getting home.

The Garmin showed an average speed of 18.8 mph.  I was anxious to plug those numbers into my riding log and check out what Strava said about how fast this ride was.

Today’s Strava Segment Accomplishments

  1. My personal 3rd best time on the group route. (this one is questionable)
  2. My personal best time on Old County Road trail to trail
  3. My 3rd personal best time on the Old County Road climb
  4. My 2nd personal best time on the sprint to the end of the trail from Joyce Lane
  5. My personal best time on what is referred to as “Jennings Gut Check”

In a little more self congratulatory aggrandizement:

May 22 Ride Splits were at: 17.4, 19.4, 19.7, 19.0, 18.7 mph

June 14 Ride Splits were at: 16.2, 18.7, 20.2, 21.3, 18.3 mph

It was a fun morning ride.  Bike maintenance is required today, and it looks like it will be the perfect weather for it.  I’ve still not reassembled the fixie from the Eastern Shore Ride, and I want to ride it tomorrow for breakfast.

This Ride: 23.6 miles
Month: 180.6 miles
2012: 2655.7 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 16,509.4 miles

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  1. Uhhh… wow!

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