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Bounty Fixie Crowd

by on June 15, 2012

Earlier in the week when I learned that HMS Bounty [The Bounty was built in 1960 for MGM studios’ Mutiny on the Bounty with Marlon Brando. Since then, the new Bounty has starred in several feature-length films and dozens of TV shows and historical documentaries.] was to be in Annapolis this weekend, I put the word out to the SPP that we would make a stop on our Friday Breakfast Ride to view the ship.  Eighteen riders turned out for the ride, fifteen of which made the trip into Annapolis for an al fresco breakfast and ship viewing.  Not only do we believe this to be a record turnout for the breakfast ride, but we also had 6 riders on fixies!  Mike C was the latest convert to start riding one of these awesome bikes.  He did pretty well.  I think he achieved about 30 mph on it, which is no doubt the fastest he has gone one one.

The ride started pretty easy.  At Jennings Road, Ravi flatted.  I’m not sure he has ever changed a tube on his bike so there was a pretty steep learning curve.  We were nervous because he couldn’t find the sharp culprit, but the new tube held the rest of the ride.  It seemed as though not only did we have a large group, but more people than usual were using the trail and out in cars crossing the trail, creating constant hazards.  On the return trip, there were two close calls for those of us in the front of the group (Joyce Lane & Glen Oban).  I was a lot closer to car bumpers than I ever want to be.  I was riding with Clint at the time and he pointed out all the places where people had crashed on rides he had been on and told a few stories of the calls to spouses to meet their rider at the hospital.  He was sure Lori was going to get a call this morning.

Mike B and I rode together to the airport where he was picking up a car in an airport parking lot.  I continued on to the hospital where I made a couple of laps to get the odometer to 50 miles then packed up the bike in the car and brought it home.  There are a lot of chores to do today at home, and having the car will help.  The other car is in the shop.

This evening, I’m hoping for a gathering of SPP riders and spouses at a local hangout.  The invitation is out there … we’ll see who can come.

This Ride: 50.2 miles
Month: 230.8 miles
2012: 2705.9 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 16,559.5 miles

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