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Third Wet Ride in a Row

by on December 10, 2012

Since completing December’s 200k a week ago today, I’ve ridden only 3 times, each of them in very different but wet conditions.

  1. Wednesday I rode in 60° F temps with a short sleeve jersey and shorts.  As the rain started, the temperatures dropped and I became very uncomfortably cold.  These temperatures are really the cut-off point for bare skin and rain on a relatively short ride.
  2. Friday, the return from breakfast in Annapolis was ridden in a light rain and 37° F.  No ice formed.  It was a comfortable and pleasant ride since I had prepared for the possibility of rain with my clothing choices.
  3. This morning, the fog was heavy and thick.  Visibility was compromised.  Everything was wet from last evening’s rain.  While no precipitation was falling, the fog was heavy enough that my eye wear needed to be constantly wiped and soon enough water was dripping from my helmet onto my face.  Temperatures were pleasant at 47° F.  I wore my rain jacket with all the vents wide open and was relatively dry underneath.

I’m loving this Showers Pass jacket and will do a review of it soon.  It has great flexibility and keeps me pretty dry and warm in weather most would avoid.

These were enjoyable rides, at an easy pace.

This Ride: 21.3 miles
Month: 193.6 miles
2012: 5,697.1 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 19,550.8 miles

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