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Cycling Burnout?

by on December 12, 2012

The seasons change … fall, winter, spring, & summer all take their turn.  There are seasons for my cycling too.  This year has brought very little variety in my riding compared  to Year 1 when everything was new and Year 2 when I simply enjoyed cranking out the miles and had great variety in my routes.  This year has had it’s accomplishments, including the Fleche and restarting another R-12, but it has also come with a price.  I’m getting tired of the routine.  Chip and I commented this morning about the same route the same time all the time.  I know each ride holds different moments, but for the most part you could set a clock at our arrival times at any point along the route.  I’m actually looking forward to some snow so that something will be different.  Even the Fixie isn’t novel enough to keep my interest.  Is this how “new bike fever” starts?  I hope not … I’m not ready for another one yet.

Our rides begin and end in the dark for the next 6 weeks or so.  It will be the end of January before we see more light in the morning than we do now.  We have some regular riders on “injured reserve” and I miss their contributions to the rides.  My sciatica pain has returned and I’ve gone back to the Chiropractor.  Maybe I’m simply in a funk.

I will climb on the saddle.  I’ll go to breakfast on Fridays.  I’ll add the miles.  Our SPP winter party will happen on Saturday and it will be a great time.

In any event, I’m looking for some extra motivation at this time of the year.

This Morning’s Ride: 21.2 miles
Month: 214.7 miles
2012: 5,718.3 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 19,572 miles

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