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Where O Where Has RevRider Been?

by on April 18, 2013

Posts have been slim after the Flèche nearly two weeks ago.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been riding.  Riding/Work/Family all come well before posting, and there have been plenty of demands in all three areas.  Simply put, I’ve logged 166 miles since the Flèche and am on track for my first 6 day in a row stretch of riding this week.  Meanwhile, on the riding front:

  • I’ve set two personal records (for this calendar year) on a couple of Strava segments.  It is fun to kick up the speed a notch or two every once in a while.  I started a page in my riding log for the speed records over certain segments.  That includes for each year independently and personal all time records.  It is amazing how just a second or two reduction in time over a route is a tough challenge.
  • I had a couple of very easy spins.  It might be wrong to call them exercise, because I didn’t hit aerobic activity consistently on them.  But they keep the fun in riding.
  • I had to make the decision to not ride one full leg of our club’s OC-16 ride.  Twice each year the Severna Park Peloton rides to Ocean City and back over a weekend.  Between logistics and other demands on my time, I’ll be riding only about 70 miles on Saturday with SPP, rather than the 115 miles each way.  I’ll miss the longer ride.
  • I started talking about the possibility of completing a 600k (375 mile) ride in October.  That’s about 150 miles longer than any single ride I’ve accomplished to date.  It would be a great warm-up for a possible 1000k (625 miles) next summer.

Tomorrow is the breakfast ride.  Will there be more after the ride?  We’ll see.

I will not be posting here between April 24 & May 6, but more adventures and ramping up the riding after that will be in the cards.

Month: 482.3 miles
2013: 1790.8 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 21,563.7 miles

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  1. Which 600k are you considering?

    • ponderingpastor permalink

      The one in October, Taste of Carolina.

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