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Take off the Fender and it Rains!

by on April 19, 2013

The forecast for this morning was cloudy, pleasant temps, some gusty winds, and ZERO percent chance of rain.  The radar was clear.  I dusted off the fixie, pulled off the unneeded fender, moved a headlight over, and pushed out the door for at least 25 miles and breakfast.  We had a large turnout for the ride, including 9 who rode to Annapolis for breakfast.  As we closed in on Annapolis, it started to sprinkle.  While we ate, a steady light rain fell.  Although it cleared up, that meant that the pavement was wet and I got the unpleasant sensation of cold water running down from my lower back.  Actually, my reaction was more of a shrug.  Oh, well, it is wet again.

Mike B flatted coming off the Naval Academy Bridge.  Three of us stayed with him to help (harrass) him while the tube was changed out.  Mike invited me to accompany him to work, so I completed the Airport Loop and simply enjoyed the morning on the fixie.  At the end of the day, 52 additional miles are added to the month and a rare 5th day in a row riding is logged.

Tomorrow is a 65-70 mile day with SPP on the Eastern Short.  It looks like the fixie will once again be the mode of transportation.  That ride will put her over the 4,000 mile mark!  Maybe I’ll give her a bath this morning and make her all sparkly and clean for the big day.  (She can really use it, having been ridden in the rain and wet conditions the last several rides.)

This Ride: 52 miles
Month: 534.3 miles
2013: 1842.8 miles
Total since 1/1/2010: 21,615.7 miles


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