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Shakedown Cruise

by on October 9, 2013

I know I’m pushing the boundaries of new equipment before the 600k on Saturday, but it needed to be done.

I got new shifters installed yesterday, freeing up room for a front bag on the bike.  This morning was my shakedown cruise for the new shifters and bag.  Minor adjustments are required.

  1. The handlebars need to be rotated up a bit.  The bike shop put them where they are supposed to be.  I like them angled up just a little so I don’t have to stretch so far when I have my hands on the “hoods”.  That will also mean adjusting the bag mount on the front.  Time needed to complete these adjustments: about 5-10 minutes.
  2. I had to determine the best location for the headlight battery.  I finally figured out that attaching it to the stem of the light bar makes the most sense.

This new bag looks like it will work well, and it will be very convenient.  It does block the headlight beam out to about 15 feet, but my helmet mounted light covers that dark area fine.  I’ll be looking into alternative mounting options for the headlight after the 600k.

I also learned yesterday that ACP rules about time limits are different than RUSA rules for time limits.  We get 40 hours for the 617k since this is an ACP route.  If it were a RUSA route, we would get 41:08.  We just increased the effort required to complete this ride!

I was completely focused on dialing in the equipment this morning.  I couldn’t tell you much about the ride except that I rode and tried to ride relatively easy.

It looks like I will need to do the planned bike maintenance today rather than tomorrow … at least the cleaning of the chain and cogs.  Tomorrow’s forecast is for rain all day.  I will also install a new rear tire.  The present tire has over 3,000 miles on it and is showing obvious wear.  I want to reduce the chance of flats on the 600k.

Am I preoccupied with the upcoming ride?  Absolutely.

Am I running out of time to get ready?  YES!

This ride 19.9 miles
Malaria Campaign: 2,547.3 miles
Funds Pledged: $1,359.16
Contributed in support: $2,453.60

Total = $3,812.76

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