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Wise Move this Morning

by on October 10, 2013

Last night, before going to bed, I decided that if it were raining for the 5:45 ride I would stay inside.  Regular readers know that I will usually ride in the rain.  With the 600k coming up in 2 days, the rest is actually more important than riding.  I also didn’t want to soak my shoes and have to get them dry before Saturday.  (Yes, I know how to do that … it is just a hassle.)

So it was raining … hard.  I didn’t ride.  That also means that the around the world milestone will happen on Saturday, not Friday.  I would have liked to been able to get out and test ride a few of the adjustments I made, but I wasn’t going to take a clean bike out in the rain this time.

Knowing the rain was coming, I put the bike on the maintenance lift and did some work yesterday afternoon.  Chain & cogs cleaned/lubed.  New rear tire installed.  Adjusted handlebars.  Checked brakes.  Installed new battery on the cadence/speed sensor.  Adjusted the handlebar bag mount.  Lubed the pedals (the drive side was “sticking” a little).  Checked the front tire.  Installed a new cadence sensor (the old one had fallen off somewhere).  Just as I finished, the sprinkles started.  It was good timing.  After updating the maintenance log, I headed back to work and got home late.

Two of my SPP friends just stopped by the house to drop off something.  They had ridden this morning and were shivering and soaked.  My decision was a wise move.


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