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Is it really December 23rd?

by on December 23, 2013

Someone stopped me at church yesterday and asked me if I was still riding.  They hadn’t seen any recent posts here.  I assured them that I was, and that I simply had other higher priorities.  Updating the blog is important, but it hasn’t risen to the “do it” level yet.  Until today.  The Christmas Eve sermon is “in the can” and I am now coasting into the holiday.

Saturday evening, Severna Park Peloton had it’s annual Christmas Party at Clint’s house.  Bryan surprised everyone with a custom made SPP etched beer glass.


I was further surprised with the SPP Rider of the Year Award!

Winter Party 2013 026

This morning, despite the steady light rain, three of us braved the 60°F temps (ha! ha!) and rode to the coffee shop.  It hard to believe that we are having these temps and this rain on the 23rd of December!  Three others drove, not wanting to get wet, I suppose.  The rain ride was pleasant enough.  Tomorrow will be breakfast at The Breakfast Shoppe in Severna Park.  Other special rides are planned all week since many have some holiday or vacation days coming up.

This ride 17.7 miles
Malaria Campaign: 4,143 miles
Total Contributed & Pledged: $6,327

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  1. Congratulations on a well-deserved award! The beer glass is pretty cool, too. Good luck with the Christmas Eve Sermon. Like everything in your cycling world, I’m sure you’ll pull it off with style and grace!

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