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Struck Down in the Waning Days of 2013

by on January 2, 2014

Struck down by a nasty cold/flu, that is.

The end of 2013 went out like the year 2014 came in … whimpering.  Sunday, December 29th I started feeling pretty rough.  By Monday morning I knew riding wasn’t in the cards.  Tuesday I was out, Wednesday I was off the bike, & Thursday I begged off the ride.  Tomorrow is iffy because of the forecast of new snowfall overnight.

This means that the Malaria Campaign was impacted by illness.  That’s true for the lives of those affected by Malaria.  Productivity is diminished and it often makes it hard for families to make ends meet.

So, for the month of December 2013, only 446 miles ridden for the Malaria Campaign.

Thanks to all who are contributing.

Here are the numbers as of the end of 2013.  Five more months to go.

Malaria Campaign: 4,231 miles
Total Contributed & Pledged: $6,371

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