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The Collapse of Will

by on March 19, 2014

“The Collapse of Will” … that’s what you get when all the possible excuses combine in the same space and time.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Early morning ride (getting up at 4:45 am)
  • Long work day (8 am – 9:30 pm)
  • Skipped breakfast (unintentional)
  • Salad for lunch
  • Get home from work at 9:30 pm
  • Make a 20 minute call to the credit card company because of an unauthorized charge
  • At 10 pm, knowing I’m going to bed soon, I snack on 3 small wedges of Laughing Cow cheese.
  • In bed by 10:45 and asleep by around 11.
  • Alarm goes off at 4:45 am
  • It is really dark outside.
  • I got up and tried to get ready and all that resulted was going back to bed until 6:30.

Yes, nutrition failure, sleep deprivation, and long work hours can make it hard to ride.  I’ll do better tomorrow.

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