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It Was Dangerous Out There This Morning!

by on April 2, 2014

April has started pretty good for me.  I rode yesterday on the fixie.  It was a bit of a challenge because the gearing was still set up for the colder temperatures.  I flipped the wheel over this morning before going out and now am running a 46/16 combination, allowing for slightly greater speeds even if it makes the hills harder.

Bryan, Chip, and I simply rode an easy pace as we listened to Chip’s story about an epic 300k  he rode on Sunday, in rain, snow, sleet, 40°F temps, wind and some gravel.  No detail was too small to describe and for us to absorb.  And then, on our way back north, we had 3 close calls.  That’s right, 3 close calls within about 3 miles of one another.

The first was on B & A Blvd.  We were riding the fastest part of the ride, two abreast (because of speed differentials between those of us on fixies and those on geared bikes).  The driver behind us squeezes between us and the oncoming car on this two lane road all while laying on the horn.  Two seconds of waiting behind us would have allowed him to pass without coming close.  Not only did he nearly force the other car off the road in this “no passing zone” but he also nearly took us out too.  Chip ended up chasing down the driver and having a conversation with him at a gas station.  Chip said the conversation went well and props to Chip for not shouting at this driver.  Education was sufficient.

Another driver just minutes later also did not give us 3 foot clearance as required by law even though we were in single file and tight against the shoulder of the road.  A horn was involved also.

Finally, a driver gunned around us across from Hard Bean and swerved back into the lane just missing my bike by about 2 feet, causing me to swerve hard to avoid a collision at 18 mph.

Most days, we get only courteous and careful drivers.  These three really stood out this morning.

Never the less, it was a good morning for a ride.  I put in a little extra at the beginning of the ride, having pushed out of the house earlier than usual.  Wearing fewer layers and having consistent morning temperatures makes getting ready much quicker.  I rode by Planet Fitness and reminded myself how much more fun it is to ride outside than to do all this work in the Gym.

Last night, our Flèche Team met to review the route and to discuss plans for the ride.  It looks like it will be a good ride.  Severna Park to Culpepper, VA to Purcelleville, VA to DC.  I’m really looking forward to it.

One more ride before vacation.

Total distance since June 1, 2013 = 5,588 

Total funds raised for the Malaria Campaign = $7,050

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