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by on April 3, 2014

As anyone knows who gets up and to work before the rest of the world, those early workers are often the ones to discover tragedies that happen overnight.  That appears to be true for a Park Ranger in Severna Park.

We had a good ride this morning, an easy spin and good conversation.

As we were splitting up to head home at the end of the ride, we heard sirens.  Chip and I proceeded past the Ranger Station parking lot and noted several unusual things.  An ambulance was parked in the parking lot with it’s lights flashing.  The gate to the parking lot was closed.  The ambulance personnel and Ranger were standing around in a tight group between the ambulance and a man lying on the ground.  I commented to Chip that this was likely the discovery of a body.

Later, as I traveled that same section of roadway in my car (2 hours later), the lot was still closed.  Police had replaced the ambulance.  A tarp covered the body, tenting over a fence.

We had ridden by that same spot in the dark an hour earlier than when Chip and I rode by together.


I will not be posting now until probably Monday, April 14.  See you on the flip side.

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