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1,000k: Reflections on the Ride and Other Observations

by on July 21, 2014

What a fantastic accomplishment!  This ride ended up at 629 miles in less than 70 hours with several significant accomplishments.

Allow me to brag a little:

  1. Longest single “day” on the bike: 298 miles
  2. Longest 24 hour distance: 283 miles
  3. Longest single ride: 629 miles
  4. Longest distance ridden in 7 days: 676 miles
  5. Longest distance ridden in 30 days: 1,353 miles
  6. Fastest speed this year: 39.5 mph

We rode on the following surfaces:

Asphalt, concrete, pothole riddled roads, large gravel, small gravel, dirt, mud, wooden bridge, railroad tracks, narrow shoulders, wide shoulders, roads closed due to construction, and the Apocalyptic Highway.

Our temperature range was 48°F to 78°F although the Garmin registered a much wider range than this.

Our average rolling speed was 15.1 mph.

Our moving time was 41:42, the rest was stopped at traffic lights, breaks, food stops, crossing two pedestrian bridges and sleep stops … for a grand total of 28:07 not riding.  In other words, 1/3 of the time we were not riding the bikes.

We got more sleep than many of the other riders, and exactly what we had planned.

Our first “day” I got a 1 hour nap in the 38 hours stretching from waking up until going to bed.  I can’t recall another 38 hour day in recent years.

I had a blast!

Isn’t this a lovely track of the ride!

LOL Track

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