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Speed is Fun!

by on July 22, 2014

The boys at the Rusty Bridge were full of nervous energy this morning.

Would this be a fast ride?

Who wanted to really push it?

Who would set the pace?

Bryan got fed up with the uncertainty and on Jennings Road spun the speed up.  Everyone followed.

From there, the challenge was on, and on big.

There was very little talking.  It was too much effort just to breathe.  My heart rate monitor kept shouting at me, “Heart Rate too high!”  I heard someone quote Jens, “Shut up legs!”  I remembered to forcefully exhale and naturally inhale.  Through some intersections we slowed but the paceline reformed quickly.  In the final sprint to the end of the trail, it was all out and I barely hung on.  Some decided that the northerly leg would be more leisurely, but Chip got on front and spun it up again and the rest followed.  Cars dared not pass this line that was moving at about 25 mph down B&A Blvd.  We arrived at the coffee shop almost 10 minutes before it opened, testament to our speed.

It was pathetic in the coffee shop.  Sweat was pouring from every pore.  I even had sweat coming out of my ears.  There was nothing left on the road.  We were loud and boisterous.  That comes with a fast ride.

I could hardly wait until the Strava report was ready, and when it arrived, it validated everything I expected.

This was my fastest 545 ride ever … by 2:42 (8% faster).  It blew the record out of the water!  I had 6 Strava segments on this ride that were my personal best.  Yes, this was a fast ride!

Speed is fun!

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