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Seven: Step 1

by on August 14, 2014

On August 1 I went to my local bike shop (Bike Doctor – Arnold, MD) to place the order for the new Seven.  The process took between 1.5 & 2 hours.  Jeff Scott walked me through the Custom Kit questions and the measurements.

There were the typical identification questions: Who I am and where I live, etc.

There were the body measurement questions: 13 different metrics from height to shoe size.

There were the riding habit questions and the Body Information Data (flexibility and pain)

My current bike was measured 12-14 different ways and the ride characteristics were explored.

And then there were the details about the bike order itself.

What type of riding will I be doing?

How do I want the Seven to Ride?

Frame Options including wheel size, brakes, axle spacing, cable routing, decal options, etc.

Component choice was overwhelming.  Most components were available in titanium, aluminum, or carbon.  A dizzying array of company choices were available.  Every time I thought I had decided on a component, there was another option described.  I was told that many of these could be tweaked over the next week, until I signed off on the final specifications.

And then, I put my deposit down and received a key chain.

Seven Keychain

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