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So easy to drop routines

by on January 25, 2011

This Ride: 23.2 miles
Month: 407.1 miles
2011: 407.1 miles
Cumulative Total: 6,526.8 miles

When setting the alarm clock last night, I realized that I have only ridden the 5:45 ride once in the last 10 days.  It was a bit of a challenge getting out of bed this morning to make the ride, but I was out the door early.  That allowed me to add a few extra miles before meeting up.  I was still the first rider there.

Dave, Dan & I were the riders.  There were 4 yesterday for the very cold ride.  This morning was a reasonable 28°F.  We had a good pace and good general conversation (although … Dave told us other uses of “used” incontinence pads).  Dave must be getting close to his R-12 because he is more and more focused on the upcoming 200k rides.

The sky is noticeably brighter at the end of the ride.  Soon we will be routinely seeing the sunrise.

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  1. Routine? What’s that? I’m 75 miles behind ya this month. I’ll take a couple of “hard man” points for riding Sat and Sunday in the cold. But routine has been in short supply so far with the new year. Ugh.

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